Alcide Violi: the best scorer in Reggiana history

Alcide Violi: the best scorer in Reggiana history

A brief biography of the all time granata "Bomber", who scored 107 goals during his experience in Reggiana

ALCIDE IVAN Screenshot 2016-10-21 16.43.03VIOLI (Reggio nell’Emilia, 10 marzo 1913 – Reggio nell’Emilia, 1996)

He was said Céna, which in local dialect means boy and he debuts in Reggiana just seventeen, in the first of the first division championship (1930 – 31), as it was called the C series of the time. Violi must be the substitute of the striker Venuto Lombatti, who had known the stage of the series A, only two years before, and in the previous series B championship, scored 18 goals in 33 games, but could not save the Reggiana from the relegation. Alcide “Céna” Violi debuts in the first championship game (Reggiana-Empoli, 28 September 1930, ended with the result of 4 to 3 for the granata) and scored his first goal after just 12 minutes. Violi form in that season, with Raggio Montanari and Peppo Frattini, a poderous attacking trio. But will be Raggio Montanari, other pure product of Reggio Emilia, to be distinguished by its twenty goals in the group and for the two in the final. Violi will stop his scoring stats at eleven plus one. During the next season Violi remains at the center of the granata first line and become the top scorer with 14 goals in the 1931-32 season and 19 in 1932-33. In 1933 returns to the granata the famous Stefano Aigotti and for two seasons the goals from the pair formed by Aigotti and Violi drag Reggiana in the finals for the promotion, then badly wasted. Aigotti part in 1935 and Violi part with him landing first in Bari and then in Sampierdarenese, again in Serie A. Then playing in Bologna he will win the league title in 1939. Violi was a luxury reserve. He returns to Reggio in 1940, when the Reggiana dispute her first series B championship. Play 19 games and scores 10 goals. The following season, 1941-42: Violi plays thirty matches but scored only 6 goals. Reggiana recedes in series C. In the 1942-43 season, which ends on March 14, Violi dispute twelve games and scores 2 goal. Violi remains in Reggio in the years of bombing and the great fear, duringg the WW2, and participate with Reggiana in Alta Italia championship. In postwar period he resumed his place in the granata team and dispute the whole beautiful championship of the reconstruction, that of 1945-46, when Reggiana obtains the right to participate in the Series B and lost the championship, won by Alessandria, in the final play off round. He plays midfielder, with the young and prolific striker Losi. Withdraws his center of gravity, as often happens to players not so young, but with experience and class. Play thirty games and scored seven goals. Violi will be in the starting eleven also at the beginning of the next championship until a serious injury forces him to throw in the towel (Only played nine games and scored a goal). Violi tried to get back in the next championship, 1947-48 season. Plays three games without scoring any goals. Then he retires. But football is his reason of life. Was the coach of the first team for a short period  during the 1946-47 season, replacing Bruno Vale, then, at the end of the 1952-53 season, replacing  Masetti, not preventing the relegation of Reggiana in IV series, and later coach for the entire 1953-54 season. Then he will be the coach of the granata youngster. He died in Reggio in 1996.

Marco Bertolini

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