Athos Panciroli: the most-capped player in Reggiana History

Athos Panciroli: the most-capped player in Reggiana History

The biography of Athos Panciroli, the most capped player in Reggiana history and on of the only player who only wore the Reggiana shirt in his career.

ATHOS PANCIROLI (Reggio nell’Emilia, 1919 – Reggio nell’Emilia 1987)

Athos Panciroli was born in Reggio Emilia in 1919 and started playing very young in Reggiana. It is one of the few players ever to have dressed and only the granata shirt. Leave football in the spring of 1955, his last game was Lumezzane – Reggiana of April 24, 1955, won by the granata to 4 to 1. His first game was Reggiana Pavia in the month of december 1938. The following year, which ended with the promotion of Reggiana in Serie B after 10 years, Panciroli only played the first game, that of the home debut against the cousins of Parma, lost 1 to 0, and then departed for military service. He returned in 1945, with Reggiana admitted to Serie B, and who lost that season the playoffs for promotion to Serie A. He played 31 games and also scored 5 goals, two against Parma, who was defeated by 2 to 0 at the Stadio Tardini on March 31, 1946. His best qualities emerge immediately: median gritty and able to cover the man, but also with strong offensive capabilities. The following year, Athos Panciroli collects 38 presences, never lack, and only one goal, and the following year a further 33 appearances and another goal, with Matteo and Piero Ferrari’s Reggiana, but above all of striker Suozzi, fifth in the final standings and admitted to Serie B. Reggiana changed owners, chairmen and councilors, but Panciroli remained an irreplaceable reference point. In the 1948/1949 season and the year thereafter Reggina was saved from relegation at the last minute. Notable was in those years the contribution of Athos Panciroli in terms of courage, determination and will, the granata captain. In Season 1950/1951 Reggiana led by Frignani and Scagliarini comes only thirteenth and Panciroli collects 32 appearances and 2 goals. In the season of relegation to Serie C, 1952/1953, Panciroli was still captain of Reggiana and collected 29 appearances scoring 6 goals. He doesn’t leave Reggiana even after the relegation to the fourth series and the next two unlucky seasons. Panciroli was present 29 times in 53/54 to 20 in 54/55 season. At 36 the decision to hang up his boots. He was immediately entrusted the bench of granata youngster. Athos Panciroli died the March 17, 1987 in Reggio Emilia.

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