Where it all began: Severino Taddei (1897 – 1957)

Where it all began:  Severino Taddei (1897 – 1957)

A brief biography of Severino Taddei, called "Umberloun" (big umbrella) in reggiano dialect, the founder of Reggiana Calcio

SEVERINO TADDEI (1897 – 1956)

19-Severino-TaddeiWas actually called Severo, was the son of a teacher, Raniero, and for him to imagine the diminutive, due to the tonnage, was truly original.

He was nicknamed Umberlòun (Big Umbrella) and should not be random. In Reggio he was one of the first taking an interest in the game of soccer.

A little over fourteen years old we find him already active in Camparini Pitch, located next to the homonymous gym, bordering on Via Guasco (more or less of the in the area of the current Sports Hall).

Right there, in January 1909, he was held the first football match between the teams of “Forti per essere liberi” (Strong to be free) and the ” Virtus Reggio “.

Taddei then helped to found several football clubs that were born like mushrooms in the city and also in the province. And then often melted or gathered. Note how at that time the football managers often were, least a large extent, the same players and his was also true for the top-rated football club. It was little more than a boy when, returned from the great war (World War one), would insist with the soccer.

He had done his military service in Turin and played also in the granata of the Piedmont. Torino had the same granata shirt as the “Reggio football club” of his city, who had probably taken for emulate the strongest and best known of Piedmont. It was a fan as a kid to football and he had fought in the “Robur” and then in “Reggio football club “.

When it reappeared in 1919, he was only 22 years old and had participated in the great war, with a team called “Edera” (Ivy), then in September of that year, had a fundamental role in the foundation of Reggiana.

His size was so large that at the end he had to give up playing football very young.

It was impossbile, even in a football rather static as it was the original one, justify a presence in the field in those physical conditions.

Athletically he was almost unbeatable, at least in head shots and shots, but he was missing of dynamism and speed. For this we find him, just twenty-five, with his boots now hanging, in the dimension of an executive and a coach.

Severino will be, in the 1929-30 season, Reggiana ’s coach and, sometimes, masseur and factotum. What is strange about this character is its fickleness. He loved football but he practiced very little. he also played in a Modena team. With Reggiana took part only to the 19221-22 championship totaling six appearances and a goal.

He became trainer and masseur. then he became referee, and gained its greatest rewards.

It also became sports manager, and in the second World War represented the Emilia in the football national elite.

He died in May 1956, just days before his Reggiana celebrated, after the historic playoff in Bolzano, the promotion to Serie C, after the purgatory of IV series.

Marco Bertolini

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